Lighting Restoration

When Capitol Lighting receives a lighting fixture that needs restoration, the condition can range from a well-maintained light that only needs to be cleaned and rewired to a fixture that has been damaged in some way. The damage can range from wear due to usage to a fixture damaged in a fire.

Here is an example of the process we employ to restore fixtures:

(Please Note: Every piece is different and may need a modified process.)

Lighting Restoration

This is a fixture from the Chicago Field Museum. It fell from the ceiling and was heavily damaged. As you can see it remained mostly in one piece. Capitol Lighting is dedicated to preserving the authenticity of all lighting projects and took special care to preserve as much of the original lighting fixture as possible.




Lighting Restoration Services

After repairing the metalwork and fully cleaning the fixture, new wiring and sockets are installed to replace the aged ones. The fixture is brought to electrical code and is tested for reliability. Skilled workers do all this with a background in restoration and lighting industries.




Lighting Fixture Restoration

Every step is taken to guarantee that the fixture is properly restored and remains lit for the duration of its life. The completed fixture is then inspected one final time before delivery.





Lighting Fixture Restoration Services

Reflecting the cost of the fixture, very special care is taken in packaging the finished product for shipping.





Lighting Fixture Refurbishment

The completed fixture is re-hung and wired into the preexisting circuit.





Let the lighting design experts help you rejuvenate your lighting fixture(s). If you would like to learn more about our lighting fixture restoration services, please contact us today.